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Birmingham Parental Alienation Attorney

Alabama Attorneys Handling Issues Involving Bad-Mouthing Parents

During a divorce, emotions can get out of control and bitter spouses can do unthinkable things in an effort make the experience as difficult as possible for the other spouse. In the middle of the battle are often defenseless children who must deal with the confusion over why their parents can't live together anymore and the uncertainty of what their lives will look like after the divorce is finalized.

Unfortunately, there are circumstances where the emotional turmoil doesn't stop there. In some cases, one parent will attempt to brainwash the child into thinking that the other is a bad person. As a result of the first parent's lies, the child eventually believes them and begins to shut out the other parent. Clearly, this type of behavior hurts the child. In addition, it hurts the victim parent's standing in his or her relationship with the child, which can create serious obstacles in custody proceedings.

Fighting for Your Parental Rights

The Birmingham parental alienation lawyers at the law firm of Gina H. McDonald & Associates represent clients on both sides of these cases. Whether you are being accused of alienating the other parent or you have been the victim of it, we work tirelessly to present the most compelling possible argument to support your position.

Our attorneys have substantial experience in parental alienation matters. In every case, we conduct a complete investigation and bring in child psychologists or other expert witnesses to help us build a strong case on your behalf. Our background in parental alienation cases has given us the insight to ask the right questions of the experts. We get the right information on the record so we have the best chance of securing a favorable outcome for you.

Discuss Your Case With One of Our Parental Alienation Lawyers

If you have questions about parental alienation, please contact our firm today. You can reach us by phone at 205-453-4497, toll free at 888-412-9047 or via e-mail.

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