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Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Experienced Alabama FDCPA Attorneys

When they are collecting on debts, creditors must follow the law known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prevents them from using unfair practices and harassment. Creditors who violate the FDCPA are subject to being fined or sued, depending on the violation. Most creditors adhere to this law. Others, however, still try to take advantage of uninformed consumers who do not know their legal rights.

At the law firm of Gina H. McDonald & Associates, in Birmingham, we help our clients protect their rights. Whether you wish to file for bankruptcy or not, you need to understand what creditors can and cannot do when they contact you on the telephone, through the mail or via other methods. We will also explain your options in debt relief that may help you get creditors off of your back once and for all.

Learn More About the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

There are several things that creditors cannot do when attempting to collect on a debt, including:

  • Calling you multiple times throughout the day, provided they actually speak with you
  • Pretending to be a lawyer, a law enforcement officer or another entity
  • Harassing, threatening or annoying you which includes the use of profanity, yelling and threats
  • Telling you that they are going to garnish your wages or take other actions that they do not really plan to take
  • Calling during off hours or contacting you by phone after requesting that they stop calling

If you have filed for bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into place, and creditors cannot attempt to collect on a debt for as long as that automatic stay is in place. A creditor who violates an automatic stay may be subject to legal action.

Creditor Harassment in Alabama

Schedule an appointment and talk with one of our experienced lawyers about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and your rights. We have offices in Birmingham and Oneonta. Contact our firm by e-mail or by calling us toll free at 888-412-9047.

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